Friday, September 30, 2016

Wedding Dresses - More Than Just White

Venus Bridal, wedding dresses, bridal gowns
Ivory White
People expect to see brides in white when they walk down the aisle. Many times the wedding dress that they assume is white is actually one of the many shades that only appear white to the untrained eye. Venus Bridal offers many of our bridal gowns in a few different shades. 

Bright white is not an easy color for most women to pull off. Many skin tones can be overpowered by the stark color. Choosing a nearly-white shade for your wedding dress will allow you to find a color that will bring your skin tone alive and show off its natural glow. Below we have listed a few of the different shades of white that you will find while bridal gown shopping, as well as the skin tones that they most often flatter.  

Bright White
This is the whitest white that you will find. Fabrics that are stark white nearly glow, which makes it unflattering to many skin tones. This is the hardest shade to wear. The brightness can cause your skin to appear to lose color. Usually, only women with darker skin tones can pull off a bright white gown.  

Natural White
Also sometimes referred to as silk white, this color is a shade off of bright white due to the natural fibers of the material that the dress is made out of. It may still appear to be a bright white in photographs, but it is a lot more flattering to many skin tones. You can really only see the difference in bright and natural whites when they are held next to each other.   

This shade is extremely flattering on a wide variety of skin tones, and you will find a lot of varying shades in the ivory family. Hints of yellow undertones in some ivories will give the dress color a creamy appearance. Other ivories may have a pinker tint to them. Fair to medium skin tones look wonderful in most ivory gowns.    

This "white" will have slight pink or gold undertones. It is lighter than the drink it is named for, yet close to the darkest shade of ivory. Olive skin tones look beautiful in this shade, as do other darker skin tones.  

Pops of Color  
There is absolutely no rule that says you have to wear any shade of white when you get married. You are free to wear any color that makes your heart happy. There are plenty of brides that go for a mostly "white" wedding dress, but add pops of color with their accessories, like a bridal sash or shoes. 

Venus Bridal, wedding dresses, bridal gowns
Ivory with a romantique/silver color accent
When you begin shopping for a wedding dress, hold the different shades up to your skin to find the one that looks the most flattering on you. The shade of your bridal gown will make a huge difference in the final look, and simply going a shade lighter or darker could completely change how you feel about a specific dress. 

Venus Bridal offers a lovely variety of wedding dress shades, styles, shapes, fabrics, and so much more. We strive to create a diverse mixture of designs so that every woman will have lots of gowns to choose from. Everyone deserves to look and feel their most glamorous on their wedding day. 

The feeling of romance.. the essence of glamour.

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