Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wedding Fashion Tips for In-between the Gown Purchase & the Wedding Day

It is best to pick your beautiful wedding dress up from the store when you're not fighting against the elements, you want to make walking with your gown to your car as easy as possible and have a designated space in your car that will keep your gown safe and clean. You want as few opportunities as possible for something to happen to your gown between picking it up and wearing it. Once the dress is in your possession, Venus Bridal has a few tips so that you can keep it in pristine shape until ceremony time. We've got a few other pre-wedding fashion tips for you too. 

Carefully Hang Your Dress
Store your bridal gown in a cool, dry place away from light and extreme temperature changes, you want to use the closet or area that has the least amount of traffic. Hang it from the loops provided inside the dress, not by the straps, and do not leave it in a plastic garment bag. If you need to cover the material while it is hanging, use some type of breathable fabric or a light sheet. 

Break In The Shoes
A brand new pair of shoes can be stiff and uncomfortable when you first wear them. Don't take the chance of having to wear unforgiving shoes all day at your wedding. Break them in by wearing them around the house for short periods of time before the wedding day. 

You may want to wear them to the rehearsal so that you can get used to walking on the ground at the venue, but take them off and carefully put them away once rehearsal is over. It is also wise to pack a backup pair of pretty shoes in case of a broken heel on the wedding day, and a comfortable pair to change into if your feet need a break.   

Prepare For The Wedding Day
There are a few things that you can do before the wedding day to prepare for certain things that will happen. One is to make sure that the clothes you will be getting ready in can be removed without messing up your hair and makeup. Wear something like a button-up shirt or a robe. Also, have a wedding day emergency kit packed and ready for anything that could come up, like spills to the dress or excessive wrinkles to the fabric.  

You may want to have a trial run at trying to use the restroom wearing your gown, but only if you can do so without damaging or spilling on the dress. Make sure that someone that will be near you all day long knows exactly how to bustle your dress. This is easy with instruction, but difficult to figure out without help. Your dress shop can show your mother or maid of honor how to do this properly at one of your appointments. 

Plan The Timing
The ceremony and reception aren't the only parts of your wedding day that need a timeline planned out. Be sure to start getting ready early enough in the day that you have plenty of time to not rush, and figure in a little extra down-time between photos and the ceremony beginning to rest and refresh before everything gets started.  

Traveling With the Dress
If you are not able to hang the dress safely in the vehicle that is transporting it to the wedding, make enough room to lay it flat in a back seat or cargo area. If it must be folded, use white tissue paper around it and in-between folds to help reduce wrinkling. If you are traveling further than a short car trip to your wedding, that is much more involved, but the main thing to remember in that case is to never let the dress leave your sight. 

It's not difficult to keep your wedding dress in excellent condition before the ceremony. It just takes a little extra care and attention to detail. The more prepared that you are before the wedding, the smoother everything will go. Venus Bridal will provide you with the most timelessly beautiful bridal gown for your wedding day, and hopefully the tips above will help you to get it to the wedding looking its very best. 

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