Friday, October 21, 2016

A Lovely Variety of Wedding Dress Necklines

The neckline on your wedding dress is a very important factor. Each one is flattering to a different body type, and finding the right style for your particular size and shape can make a world of difference. Below you will find explanations for many of the most popular bridal gown necklines that are offered from Venus Bridal

This type of dress is exactly as it sounds, there are no straps holding up the bodice. It is a very popular choice among brides, and can be found with either a sweetheart or straight-across top to the bodice. 

From a distance, it may appear as if the neckline on these gowns is high, but it is actually sheer material over another type of neckline, giving the illusion of more dress than is actually there. It can add a more modest look to an otherwise daring neckline.

This neckline is named for the fact that it resembles the top of a heart. It is the perfect design to accentuate cleavage, yet with a very romantic feel. It can be found with or without straps, and sometimes with a sheer overlay.

The "V" shape of this neckline can offer a small dip or a longer, plunging one. It can often create the illusion of height, but may make the chest appear smaller. 

This is very flattering to nearly every body shape. The neckline is U-shaped, and on some bridal gowns, the scoop will continue to the back of the dress. 

Sitting a little higher than many bridal gown necklines, this one follows the natural curve of the collarbone. It appears very elegant and works well on both sleeveless dresses and those with sleeves.

A jewel neckline is similar to that of a t-shirt. It is round and usually sits near the base of the throat. Some dresses with this type of neckline can make you appear bustier than usual.

This gown is excellent for highlighting your shoulders and collarbone. The neckline sits just below the shoulders, offering a little more support than a strapless gown by covering part of the upper arm. 

Just like with the wedding dress silhouette, when you go shopping for a bridal gown, try on many different neckline styles. Once you find your favorite, that will help your consultant to narrow down the choices that she shares with you. Eventually, you will discover the perfect fashion combination for your personal style and the search for your dream wedding dress will be successful. 

Venus Bridal offers an excellent variety of stunning, fashionable bridal gowns for every woman. You can browse our collections online, then click on the "Where To Buy" tab when you are ready to try on a few on. It will direct you to a bridal boutique that carries the Venus Bridal line closest to you. 

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