Thursday, September 8, 2016

Your Guide to Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Wedding dresses come in a large variety of styles and shapes. Lots of little details come together to create the final look, and every finished bridal gown is slightly different than the next. One very important detail is the the silhouette of the dress. 

Once you find the perfect wedding dress silhouette, it is much easier to narrow down your choices. Venus Bridal has put together a few examples of the more popular bridal gown shapes so you may begin thinking about which type you will try on first. 

This type of gown flows straight down from the neckline to the hem. In some cases this silhouette lends to a more casual look, but it can also gives off a very seductive aura. This type of dress shows off your natural shape and can have a lengthening effect on your body.

An empire silhouette is fitted until just below the bust, giving it a high-waisted appearance. The skirt then flows loosely to the ground. 

Sheath  -  Empire
Fit & Flare
Form-fitting at the top, this dress gradually flares out, down to the floor. It is wonderful for showing off your shape while still allowing a loose fit around the legs. 

A trumpet silhouette fits snugly to your body at the top, then dramatically flares out about mid-thigh.    

This is much like the trumpet shape above, but mermaid gowns are fitted down to the knee, then flare out from there. 

Fit & Flare   -   Trumpet    -   Mermaid
The bodice of these gowns are fitted to the waist, and the skirt then gradually flows out. This silhouette was given its name due to the "A" shape that is formed with the skirt. 

Ball Gown
A ball gown is also fitted to the waist, but instead of flowing, the skirt flares out for a much fuller look. This is a timeless silhouette, reminiscent of a princess straight out of a fairy tale, both dramatic and romantic. 

A-line   -   Ball Gown
Tea Length
For the bride that prefers a shorter wedding dress, a tea length gown's hem will fall somewhere between the ankle and the knee. Wonderful for a casual wedding or an outdoor ceremony where you do not want your dress dragging on the ground. 

Which silhouette will you start with? 
This guide should help you find a place to start when you visit your local bridal boutique to try on wedding dresses. Don't limit yourself though. You never know exactly how you will feel about a bridal gown until you have it on. Start by trying on the different silhouettes. Once you have a favorite, you can then begin searching through our Venus Bridal collections for the other important details, like neckline and fabric. Gradually, that dream wedding dress you have been imagining will come to life. 

The feeling of romance.. the essence of glamour.

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