Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bridal Belts & Waist Sashes Take Your Wedding Dress to Another Level

Once you have decided on the perfect silhouette for the best wedding dress for your body, it's time to accessorize that bridal gown and bring some of your own personal style to the overall look. One excellent accessory to do exactly that is one of the beautiful bridal belts or waist sashes from Venus Bridal

Made for each other
When chosen correctly, this particular wedding dress accessory will look as if it is a part of the original dress rather than an added piece. A very large percentage of brides begin the personalization of their bridal gown with a lovely accent around the waist. The key, as with any accessory, is to find elements that tie into your dress's overall look. Find a belt with details that flow with the gown's fabric and accents.   

Glamorous upgrade
The simple addition of a bridal belt or waist sash can do many things. For a plain gown, it can add a touch of sparkle and bling, and for dress that is all lace from top to bottom, it can elegantly break up the pattern. These accessories are wonderful for accentuating your waist and bust too, depending on where you decide to position the belt. Some styles can even give you a longer, thinner appearance.  

Add a pop of color
If you happen to be the type of bride that would like to add a touch of color to the traditional white/ivory wedding dress, a sash is an excellent way to do this. It brings a touch of fun and whimsy to your style, and makes a beautiful background to all types of other accents, like beads, rhinestones, flowers, and lace.  

Truly make it your own
Two different women may decide on the exact same wedding dress, but the way that they choose to accessorize it can dramatically alter the final look, making it their very own, one-of-a-kind gown. Where sparkly belts can add drama, lace can bring a romantic feel, and flowers may give the dress a bit of vintage charm. The sash or belt around the waist of your bridal gown will help to convey the look and feel that you are going for.  

Venus Bridal has your look!
The timeless wedding dress styles that we have to offer are matched in beauty by our magnificent bridal belts and waist sashes. You will be able to find the perfect style you are striving for from our Venus Bridal collections. No matter which accessories that you decide on, they will be perfect because they are all yours. 

The feeling of romance.. the essence of glamour.

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