Thursday, December 29, 2016

All About The Mermaid Wedding Dress Silhouette

When it comes to wedding dress styles, there are many different silhouettes to choose from. Venus Bridal offers lots of different choices, but today we will be focusing on the mermaid silhouette. It's a very popular bridal gown style that may be exactly what you are looking for. If not, there are many more to try on, but for today, let's take a look at this amazing silhouette. 

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First of all, you may be wondering why it is called "mermaid." One look at this stunning bridal gown silhouette is probably all the answer you need. The bodice is very fitted through the torso and hips, down past the thighs. Further down the leg the skirt flares out, much resembling a fishtail. It's an extremely dramatic and glamorous style of wedding dress, yet still has an air of playfulness to it. Everything about it reminds one of the mystical and mythical sea beauty, the mermaid. 

While the skirt on every mermaid wedding dress is pretty much the same, only different depending on the fabric being used, the bodice is where the details give you different looks. Designers get creative by using a variety of different types of lace, beading, sequins, fabrics, and more.  

This particular silhouette is not right for every body type, but you'll never know until you try one on. Generally, it is most flattering on tall, slender bodies with classic hourglass figures. It accentuates the illusion of the curves because of the flared skirt, and can be very flattering to the chest and buttocks. If these are areas that you do not want to highlight, then this may not be the right wedding dress shape for you.

If you are considering buying a mermaid style bridal gown, there are a few additional things that you will want to keep in mind for the wedding day. First of all, this style makes an extremely dramatic statement on its own. You may not have the need for a lot of additional accessories to get the look you want. 

Also, the fit can be difficult to walk in. While you are at the bridal shop, remember to not only stand still in front of the mirror to see what you look like, but move around in the dress too. You will want to know how comfortable it will be for you to walk down the aisle and dance at your reception before making your decision.  

When you make a shopping appointment at a wedding dress store near you, ask for Venus Bridal by name. We not only offer a brilliant selection of stunning mermaid style bridal gowns, but also a wonderful variety of every other style imaginable. Browse all of our designs on the website, then use the "Where To Buy" tab to find a store nearest you. 

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