Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Gracefully Wear Our Beautiful Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

Among the many varieties of bridal gown silhouettes available, a classic favorite is the ball gown wedding dress. Many little girls dream of wearing a grand gown fit for a princess when they get married, and this dream often stands the test of time, staying with a young lady into adulthood. Venus Bridal offers a gorgeous selection of exquisite ball gowns for brides, and today's blog offers a few helpful facts and tips about this magnificent wedding day look.

Ball gowns have a fitted bodice with a full skirt that flares out from the waist to the floor. The ball gown skirt has lots of volume, lending to a very traditional and formal wedding day style. 

Nearly every body type will look wonderful in a bridal ball gown. It can camouflage wide hips on a pear-shaped body, and it also gives the illusion of curves to a more rectangular body shape. The full skirt paired with a large chest will lend to an elegant hourglass look.

Wearing a ball gown at your wedding will allow for a grand entrance, making both a romantic and dramatic statement. In addition to how incredible you will look simply walking down the aisle in this silhouette fit for royalty, you will also be able to glide gracefully across the dance floor at your wedding reception. 

When shopping for a bridal ball gown of your own, as with any wedding dress, make sure that you are completely comfortable wearing it. You want to look breathtaking at your wedding, but you also want to feel good wearing your dress and be able to move around effortlessly.  Ball gowns are floor-length, but ideally the front of the skirt should just brush the tops of your toes. 

There can be a lot of fabric involved in making that skirt full, so be sure to choose a fabric that is comfortable for the type of weather expected on your wedding day. While trying on gowns at your local bridal boutique, don't just stand sweetly in front of the mirror. Walk around, sit down and stand up, and maybe even dance a little while you are wearing the dress. That way you will know if you will be able to wear it all day long and still enjoy yourself.

A ball gown wedding dress is an excellent choice, and if that look makes you happy, then get out and try on a few in that style. Never limit yourself to one style when you begin shopping though. Try on a few different ones to see which looks best on your particular body type and makes you feel the most beautiful. You may be surprised at how amazing you look in all of the different types of gowns available from Venus Bridal, but you'll never know until you start trying them on! 

The feeling of romance.. the essence of glamour.

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