Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's Engagement Season - 7 Things To Do After You Say "YES!"

We are in the midst of engagement season, which is the time between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day when many couple become engaged. If you are like all of us here at Venus Bridal, you'll immediately want to start shopping for your beautiful wedding dress, but there are a few other things that you may want to take care of first. 

Share The Big News
Once you and your soon-to-be-spouse have had enough time to enjoy the moment yourselves, start spreading the news to your family and closest friends. The sooner the better, because you don't want anyone finding out through the grapevine that you prefer to tell in person. As soon as they all know, you are free to share your joy with the rest of the world too.  

Pamper Your Hands & Nails
Make an appointment as soon as possible for a manicure, because you know that everyone will be asking to see that engagement ring. Start a good skincare routine for your hands and keep your nails strong and in shape so that they are ready for the close-up ring photos at the wedding in a few months too.  

Start "Window Shopping" For Dresses
It's time to start scouring wedding magazines, Pinterest, wedding websites, etc... to discover all of the possibilities for your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and fashions for the guys too. A great place to start is There you will find a wide variety of gorgeous gowns, plus a store locator so that you can find a bridal boutique near you when you are at the actual shopping stage of your wedding planning.

Set The Wedding Budget
Doing this early on will help to keep all of your plans in line without breaking the bank. It's wise to have a guideline for what you want to spend before you start buying things and making reservations. Decide this early so that you can begin finding the vendors that book up quickly, like venues and photographers. Knowing your budget can also assist in keeping the next step under control.

Gather Guest Lists
You may think you have time to worry about this later, but much like the budget, knowing the number of guests you will be inviting will shape many of your other wedding planning decisions. Start with four lists: the bride's, the groom's, the bride's parents, and the groom's parents. Put these all together, then begin make adjustments as needed.  

Schedule Engagment Photos
Many wedding photographers include the engagement session with their wedding packages, but it's up to you to pick a date to have them actually done. The sooner you take care of this, the quicker you will have professional photos to use on announcements, save-the-dates, and wedding websites. 

Make Bridal Shop Appointments
When the wedding dress shopping starts, it's best to call ahead and make an appointment at the bridal boutique. Brides-to-be with appointments get the undivided attention they deserve from the consultants, and they don't have to wait in line for a dressing room if there are lots of other women there at the same time. Also, many wedding dress stores require you to have an appointment, so it's always best to call ahead. 

There will be a lot more decisions to make before the actual wedding day, but getting the tasks above out of the way is a great place to start. It may seem overwhelming at first, but there are plenty of fun tasks to tackle along the way, like shopping for your dream wedding dress. When you're ready for that one, as well as all of the other fashions for the women in your wedding, we hope you begin your search with Venus Bridal. You won't be disappointed. 

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