Friday, December 9, 2016

5 Wedding Dress Shopping "Don'ts"

He proposed, you said yes, and now it's time to get that dress! Your wedding is one of those extra special moments that you will want to be as perfect as possible, and finding the most beautiful bridal gown is a big part of making that happen. 

Shopping for wedding dresses is not something that a woman does often, so Venus Bridal has put together a list of things that you definitely do not want to do. Follow these tips and your shopping trip should be successful and fun. 

DON'T go in clueless.
Even though you may be tempted to rush out the day after the proposal and start trying on bridal gowns, don't do that. Going at it without any type of research or planning could result in a very confusing and overwhelming experience. 

Begin by looking at bridal magazines and browsing websites like This will give you an idea of the types of gowns you favor, and that information will help the bridal boutique's consultant know which wedding dresses to bring out first. 

When you are ready to head to the bridal shop, always call first to see if an appointment is necessary. Some require a reservation, and even if they don't, if they know you are coming, you are more likely to get the individual treatment you deserve instead of having to fight with other shoppers for the consultant's attention

DON'T be shy.
Once you are at the bridal gown store, this is the time to speak up and ask any and all questions that you may have about your wedding fashions. The bridal consultants at the store work with these dresses every day, and a good salon will have trained their employees to be experts. Trust that they can guide you in the right direction and be open to their knowledge and suggestions. 

Also, don't be too timid to try something new. Just because you loved a certain wedding dress in a photo doesn't mean that it is the perfect one for you. Every gown will look slightly different on every woman, so be brave enough to try on a variety of styles until you find the silhouette that you love on your own body. Once that's narrowed down, you will most likely find your dream dress within that style.

DON'T bring too many people. 
There will be lots of friends and family members that are nearly as excited as you about the wedding dress shopping. You do not need to feel obligated to say yes to everyone that wants to tag along. Even if you have a large bridal party, they don't all have to be there for this moment.

Too many opinions can make the decision extremely difficult. Try to keep the number of helpers to a minimum, and only bring the people that know your personal style and have your best interests at heart. Happy, postive attitudes are what you need on a day like this.

DON'T go hungry.
Occasionally a bride will get lucky and find her dream wedding dress after only trying on a few, but this is rare. More than likely you are in for a long day, so going on an empty stomach is not a good idea. Having a light meal before you shop will give you the energy needed, and keeping a snack handy in your purse is a great idea in case you start feeling a little drained halfway through the appointment.   

DON'T see this task as a chore.
Yes, there is some preparation required to make sure that your wedding dress shopping trip is a rewarding one, but the research can be fun, you'll be shopping with the people that are nearest and dearest to you, and... you're getting married to the man you love! This should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. Above all else, remember to have fun with it and savor every moment.   

The perfect wedding dress is out there waiting for you, it's just a matter of time before you find each other. An excellent place to start is with the exquisite collections of Venus Bridal. We offer a wide variety of goreous bridal gowns for every type of bride. Once you get an idea of which ones are your favorites, you can find a local retailer near you right on our website. Best wishes for your wedding, and happy shopping! 

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  1. My personal shopping companion choose a traditional wedding dress for me. First time i thought it will not go with me. But when i wear it it was really suit on me. I am so happy right now.

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