Wednesday, July 27, 2016

5 Tips for Finding the Most Fantastic Flower Girl Dresses

Venus Bridal not only has the most beautiful special occasion gowns for every woman in your wedding, but also fantastic dresses for the tiniest little lady in your bridal party too. The adorable flower girl dresses that we offer are sure to have everyone at your wedding sighing "Awwwwwww!"

Little Maiden by Venus Bridal is a line of sweet and whimsical children's gowns that any little girl would be thrilled to wear. There are a few factors to consider when you are deciding on the type of flower girl dress to use at your wedding. The following tips will be very helpful in picking out the perfect one that you and your flower girl will both love. 


Children, in general, are not famous for their patience. If your flower girl has to wear a dress that she is not comfortable in, it won't be too far into the wedding when you hear all about it, and so will your guests! Make sure that the flower girl dress that you put her in is something she will want to wear all night long. 

The material should be soft, not scratchy at all. Also, pay close attention to the length. The age and maturity of the child will make a difference in the length of gown she is able to maneuver easily. 


The time of year and temperatures expected should play a big part in the flower girl dress decision, especially if any of the wedding will be outdoors. If the gown is too hot in the summer, your flower girl probably won't have it on very long. 

A jacket can be worn in cooler months, but unless you have something to match the dress, a regular coat will hide that gorgeous gown you have picked out. Match the fashion to the expected weather. 


Some brides choose to put their flower girls in all white, while many use this piece of fashion to add a pop of the wedding color to the ceremony. Flower girl dresses are available with a colored skirt overlay on a white gown, a sweet colored sash to accent the dress, or you can go with a solid color instead of any white at all. 


Kids are expensive to raise, so be very aware of your flower girl's family's financial situation. Pick out something that fits into a price range that is sensible for them, or offer to pick up part of the tab. Our Little Maiden collection is filled with affordable flower girls dresses that can work perfectly withing many budgets. 


The flower girl dress will reflect the style of the wedding that you are throwing, but it should also fit the personality of the little lady wearing it. Knowing how your flower girl acts on a daily basis and her general outlook on life are both great factors in finding the perfect wedding day fashion for her. 

When you are ready to find something beautiful for the littlest lady in your wedding to wear, let us help you out. We put every ounce of love and care into our flower girl dresses as we do our fashionable wedding dresses and other special occasion gowns. Visit our website to find a Venus Bridal retailer near you for access to the most amazing dresses for every woman in your wedding. 

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