Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Rainbow of Color Choices for Your Wedding

There are a few different methods for choosing the colors that you will be using for your wedding. One thing that should factor into that decision is the color that you want your bridesmaids to wear. Venus Bridal has a very large selection when it comes to available colors for our beautiful bridesmaid gowns.

The trend in the past was to always put bridesmaids in the exact same dress. That look can still be beautiful today, but there are many brides that choose to put their bridal party in different looks with a coordinating theme. This could be a variety of styles all in the same color, matching gowns in a variety of complimentary colors, or a mix of varying shades of one main color.  

Mixing Styles

Not everyone looks good in every dress, so allowing your bridesmaids to wear different styles is a good way to make sure they all look their best and feel comfortable. You will want to make sure there is one unifying element, like color, to tie all of the looks together. 

Keep in mind that different fabrics, even when dyed with the same, may vary slightly in color. Compare swatches closely before ordering bridesmaid dresses, or insist that all of the gowns be made from the same fabric. That way you know they will all match when the orders arrive. 

Mixing Colors

Another option is to pick one style for all of the bridesmaids to wear, but put each on them in a different color, or varying shades of one color. The important thing is that they all compliment each other. Consult a color wheel to refresh your art class memories about which ones work the best together. You can also use the season or the wedding venue to pull color inspiration.

The Rainbow of Venus

You will see the wide variety of color choices for your bridesmaid dresses on our Venus Bridal website color chart. There are far too many to list here in the blog, but you will see names and samples on that page. Please realize, though, that depending on the way you are viewing our site, colors may vary slightly due to different screen resolutions. 

Use the website as a guideline to help you with your main choices, but visit one of our authorized Venus Bridal retailers to see fabric swatches in person for the most accurate color matching. The colors that you choose for you wedding can help to tell a story and set the mood. Once you figure out the way you want the overall event to look, Venus Bridal is here to make sure your wedding day fashions fit into that picture perfectly. 

The feeling of romance.. the essence of glamour.

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