Wednesday, August 3, 2016

9 Helpful Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding dress shopping is an exciting time in a woman's life, but the large variety of shapes, styles, and fabrics that you have to choose from can seem overwhelming. There is a multitude of gorgeous bridal gowns available from Venus Bridal, so today we are offering a few wedding dress shopping tips to make the decision a little easier.

Do some research

This is one of the fun parts! It's time to pick up a few wedding magazines or hit the internet and begin daydreaming about your perfect bridal gown. Take note of the styles that you gravitate toward. This will give you a place to begin when you start trying dresses on.

Make an appointment

Start shopping early in your wedding planning process so that you have plenty of time to order the dress and have necessary alterations made. Most bridal salons require an appointment, but even if they do not, having one will guarantee that you are assisted by someone from the store while you are there. If you just "pop in" it's very likely that they may be too busy to give you the attention that you deserve. Once you make an appointment, don't be late. You don't want to feel rushed while you shop. 

Limit Your Helpers

You may have tons of family and friends that want to go wedding dress shopping with you, but a large entourage is never a good idea. Too many opinions can make the experience confusing and frustrating. Take along only a few people that know your personal style and have your best interests at heart. Don't bring children to your appointment if it can be avoided, and if they must come along, have someone there to entertain them so you can focus on the task at hand.

Power Up

Dress shopping can be a long, exhausting day, so don't go on an empty stomach. Eat something light before your appointment so that you have plenty of energy for the search. 

Don't be shy

The bridal consultants at the store are there to help, and they have plenty of experience finding dresses for clients. Ask them every question that pops into your head. Use their knowledge to find exactly what you are looking for, but don't be afraid to tell them if you don't like a suggestion that they make. 

Take along your "must-haves"

If you have something that you will be wearing on the wedding day, like a family heirloom or an amazing pair of shoes, bring that with you. You will want to see how it looks with the different gowns that you will be trying on.

Wear proper undergarments

Make sure that have a supportive, strapless bra to try dresses on with. It may not be the one you will wear on the wedding day, but it will give you a better idea of how the dress will look and fit. Your underwear should be white or nude. The consultant will most likely be in the dressing room with you for assistance, so if you're shy, wear underwear that covers everything.

Try on lots of different styles

Dresses look much different on a body than they do on the hanger, or even on the models in the magazines. Depending on your body type, it may fit you much differently than the picture you saw. Test a variety of styles until you find your favorite, then begin trying on only gowns in that style until you find "the one."

Enjoy the experience

More important than anything else, take the time to sit back and take in the entire experience. This is a very special time in your life, and it should be a fun and happy memory when you look back. 

If you will be purchasing your wedding gown online, make sure that you check Venus Bridal's "Where To Buy" page of our website to find out if that business is authorized to sell our dresses. If they are not listed, then you may be looking at a fake!

The perfect wedding dress may show itself right away, or it may take a bit of searching. Don't worry if you don't find it immediately. Venus Bridal has an amazing wedding dress designed just for you. When you finally try it on, you'll know. 

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