Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tips for Finding & Storing Your Special Occasion Dresses

Her own wedding is one of the most special occasions that a woman will attend in a lifetime. Venus Bridal offers many bridal gowns especially for that day, in every possible style, but we also have many gorgeous dresses for the other special occasions in your life. Whether that event is prom, an evening out, an opening, a holiday party, or a formal wedding that you are a guest at, Venus Bridal has something stunning for you to wear. 

Gowns For All Ages

Let's begin with a special occasion that you encounter early in life... prom! This is a momentous event that deserves a bit of fabulous fashion. Styles may change from year to year, but you will always find something timeless within our dress collections.

As you get older and attend other functions requiring exquisite fashions, you will find a style to fit your needs as you browse through the amazing designs of Venus Bridal. Fun and flirty, long and sophisticated, sleek or flowing, we have something perfect for every occasion. 

Dress Style

An important factor in choosing a special occasion gown is knowing the formality of the event you will be attending. A black tie affair will require a stunning cocktail dress or full-length evening gown, usually in dark or neutral colors. For something a little more casual, you can choose to wear a shorter skirt length and maybe even opt for bright, fun hues. Use the dress code suggested for the event to begin your gown search, but always choose something that you love and fits your personal style.    

Dress Storage

Special occasion dresses require special attention if you want them to last and remain looking amazing. The following tips will help to make sure that the next time you want to wear your gown it is just as beautiful as the day that you bought it. 

  • Don't put it away dirty. - Never immediately store your dress after it has been worn. The oils from your body can cause permanent stains to form on the gown. If anything was spilled on it, the longer you wait to have it cleaned, the more difficult it will be to get that stain out. 
  • Have it professionally cleaned. - Leave the cleaning to the pros. This type of garment needs attention that you cannot give it at home with your washer and dryer. 
  • Store it correctly. - A cool, dry space away from sunlight is the best place to store any special occasion dress. Sunlight can fade it, and dampness, humidity, or heat can promote mold and mildew. If you do not have space to hang it up, box storage is an option, but be sure to use an acid-free, sturdy cardboard box lined with tissue paper or a bag specifically made for clothing storage.  

The next time that you are invited to something requiring a little more style than your everyday events, let Venus Bridal help you discover the perfect look. Our collections are filled with the most beautiful special occasion gowns. After you browse our website, visit the "Where To Buy" page to find a store that carries our fashions near you. 

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