Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Beautiful Bridal Collections of Venus Bridal (Part 1)

Venus Bridal... what does that bring to mind for you? We feel the name evokes images of timeless beauty, the feeling of romance, and the essence of glamour! The name of our wedding dress design company contains two words that immediately bring to the imagine elegant images, thoughts, and feelings. 

Venus - the mythological goddess of love, beauty, and desire. 

Bridal - all things pertaining to beautiful brides and fabulous wedding celebrations of love and romance. 

We pride ourselves on hiring the most creative bridal gown designers to create a vast array of styles, using only the finest of fabrics and most intricate of details. Venus Bridal offers six different collections that each embody a distinct individuality, allowing us to cater to every possible type of bride's personal style. Today we are highlighting the first three of these gorgeous wedding dress collections, and next week's blog will feature the remaining three.   

Venus Collection
Our signature bridal gown collection contains dresses that are made from the most luxurious, refined fabrics. Many of these gowns feature delicate, hand-appliqued lace and intricate beading. The styles in this particular collection are often described as regal, elegant, romantic, and timeless.   

Venus Woman
Brides come in every imaginable shape, size, and body type. Venus Bridal strives to make wedding dresses that fit a variety of different women so that they can each look and feel like the beauty they are on their wedding day. Our Venus Woman Collection celebrates the curvaceous and full-figured bride. These timelessly classic styles are designed to accentuate your best features. Rich, elegant fabrics with striking embellishments come together to make wedding dresses that are quite simply stunning.   

Venus Informal
Another of our fabulous wedding dress collections bearing the Venus name in its title is this one. These are for the brides that want their wedding day fashion to be a little more laid back. You will find designs with a more casual feeling, while still embodying all of the beauty, glamour, and elegance that each of our bridal gowns exude. Many of these are perfect for an outdoor wedding, like on a beach, or excellent for a reception gown change. From long and luxurious to short and flirty, our Venus Informal Collection is intimate, spontaneous, and ready to walk down the aisle when you are! 

Venus Collection, VenusWoman, and Venus Informal are just the beginning of the exquisite designs that our company has to offer. You can see more images on the Venus Bridal website. Next week we will feature our other three collections of wedding dresses: Pallas Athena, Angel & Tradition, and Temple Bridal

Someone is buying a Venus bridal gown this very moment, somewhere in the world. The beauty of our wedding dress styles is timeless and universal, drawing the attention of women all around the world. We make sure that we produce a wide array of amazing choices so that every woman, everywhere, will be able to find a bridal gown that matches that dreamy vision she already has in her mind when she begins shopping. 

The feeling of romance.. the essence of glamour.

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